Volunteer Thank You

This fall semester has gone very well thanks to the volunteers that have made it possible. We, as the staff, thank you greatly for the help, encouragement, and hours of work that you have put in. A special thanks to Michelle Goad, the Kautz, Melissa King, Sarah Goodman, Mary Brown, and Deborah Young for supervising study halls and lunch. What a blessing it is to be surrounded with families that are willing to help. We also want to thank Angie Sickler for imputing many of the registrations. Last but not least, great work teachers Aids you made the teachers jobs so much easier; freeing them up to teach. We couldn’t have done it without the help of these individuals. Thank You!

With that said, we are in need of volunteers for the coming semester. We need Study hall monitors for both Monday and Wednesday classes, as well as a lunch supervisor on Wednesday. We also need people that are able and willing to help with projects, clean up after classes, and other small tasks. Please go to our website, or come into the office, and fill out the Volunteer Form.