With the Word of God as our foundation, Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS), seeks to assist, equip, and encourage homeschooling families in their endeavor to promote their children's growth - both spiritually and academically.


Here's how we can partner with you! 

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Colorado Heritage's Independent School enrollment gives you the benefit of receiving "umbrella school" services (record keeping, communication with school districts, legal protection) designation of being enrolled in a private school according to the State of Colorado.


The goal of the Diploma Program is to support the parents, challenge the students, and substantiate the skills that the student has acquired. Colorado Heritage's Diploma Program provides students with a verification of their work in a private school transcript.


For 25 years, Colorado Heritage has been offering quality enrichment classes for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade in order to meet the academic needs of homeschooling families.The academy also offers great opportunities for meeting and fellowshipping with like-minded home schoolers.

Colorado Heritage Education School System has been dedicated to supporting the needs of home educators for almost 30 years.

We strive to meet the needs of families who have chosen to educate at home through out Colorado, across the United States and internationally. 


Whats Going on here at Colorado Heritage?

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