Darkness Targeting Young Minds

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a cost to everything. Even “free” government-run schools. In fact, the government shows us each year on our itemized tax bill how much of our income goes to funding “free” government-run schools.  

Homeschooling has a cost as well. Homeschooling costs add to the family education budget that is already impinged upon by the government so that the government can run its “free” schools.  For a homeschooling family with a limited income, the temptation to use “free” government schools is real.

There are also life-costs to our choices of education. Worldly philosophies and perspectives are interwoven throughout the curriculum and instruction at “free” government schools, enrichment and otherwise.  Subjects are taught from the perspective of the world, not from the perspective of The Word...and recently, with greater intensity...and all with the aim of indoctrinating young minds. I do not need to tell you how weighty that cost is.

Homeschooling has a significant life-cost as well. Ask any parent or guardian who has taken up the homeschool journey. Many home educators have chosen homeschooling over lucrative jobs. Hours of instruction time often crowd out the dream of having a perfectly clean home. Educating different age levels at the same time is no small feat. And then there are the daunting subjects we would rather not tackle. Homeschooling is, without a doubt, extremely challenging.

The big question is: which life-cost do we choose? The answer is found in the Scriptures. God’s Holy Word teaches us that parents are given the command and responsibility to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord and not in the philosophy of the world.

It’s 2019. How are we, as homeschoolers, to educate our children this school year and beyond? How are we to educate our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord? We seek to educate them at home in ways that honor God and His Word.  Do we then use enrichment institutions that are diametrically opposed to the commands of God?

Homeschooling family, I encourage you to keep paying the life-costs of Christian-based homeschooling.  I know it is difficult - financially and in many other ways. I am personally inspired by the story of a group of Dutch Christian immigrants who had a burning desire to see that their children receive a Christian education. Their dream was to have their own Christian school. This passion for Christian education was so deep and strong that these parents and relatives would work long, hard hours to make their dream a reality.  The money they earned did not go to unnecessary accoutrements (pleasures, conveniences of the day). Nor did it necessarily go to what we might call “needful” accoutrements. One of these Dutch immigrants who toiled long hours to make this school a reality went to bed at night clutching her stomach because of hunger pains.  Most of her earnings went to the Christian school fund. 

What are we willing to do and give up so that our children are educated in the fear and admonition of the Lord?  Christian Home Educator, there is a darkness that is spreading over our land. It is reaching out for our children. I do not need to go into all the details. It is almost impossible in this day and age of instant information to not be aware of this darkness. And if we are careful to look, we will see this darkness displayed for us in the “free” government schools that are targeting the homeschool community.

Colorado Heritage Education School System stands committed to be a Christian educational institution who promotes the fear and admonition of the Lord.  Colorado Heritage is operated by believers who see the approaching darkness and who are determined to stand against it by continuing to uphold God’s Word as our only guide. Colorado Heritage teachers are unreservedly committed to give instruction that glorifies our Creator. 

As you consider your student’s education for 2019/2020 and beyond, please remember Colorado Heritage’s commitment to God and to His Word.