A Note from the Editor

The motto and goal of CHESS is Pursuing the Knowledge of God. The Scriptures reveal to us that we can know God through two means: through His Creation and through His Word. His Creation is sufficient to rightly demand that every knee bow as we see and experience and learn of God’s power, wisdom, beauty and design. The heavens and all creation truly declare His Glory! Yet, in God’s good pleasure, it is in His Word where His Just Judgment and Redemptive Mercy is revealed.

Here at CHESS, our goal is to help your student further know God as the Creator and as the Redeemer through the study of His Creation and His Word.

In our Fall 2017 newsletter, we are featuring two articles that wonderfully give Glory to God as the Creator and as the Redeemer. The first is an article about God’s amazing creation written by Science teacher, Mrs. Linda Kautz, and the second is an article entitled Enjoying Life by CHESS alumnus, Pastor Caleb Nelson.

Also featured in this newsletter is an article by Mrs. Tammy Hill giving helpful thoughts and insights on home educating students with special needs. Look for our Current Events column with a contribution regarding abortion by freshman, Hope Brown.

We hope you enjoy these and other articles and features in this newsletter. Be sure to note the dates for our choir and ensemble concerts!

If you would like to contribute an article, poem, short story to our next newsletter, please contact the