Class Fees

by Don Kautz, Vice Chair of the Board

Last fall, a tentative fee schedule showing several increases was announced. The Board has been looking at these proposed increases comparing them to the needs of the school and the budget limits with which we all have to live. Though those proposed fees compared to fees of other organizations offering similar services in the area are still very reasonable, and though CHESS fees have not increased for many years, we determined to not institute that type of increase at this time. Instead we are increasing class fees by 15% for next year and will probably have smaller, incremental increases in the future. These increases will help us to continue to provide a valuable service to our CHESS families.

Your Input

We want to empower you, our CHESS families, to take ownership of CHESS, giving you opportunities to help us improve the services we offer. In light of that, we will be offering CHESS families short surveys at the end of semesters as well as giving students the opportunity to evaluate their classes and teachers.

Please feel free to offer to the principal, Matthew Aden, or CHESS office any ideas or suggestions you may have.

Class Fees
Member Prices Non Member Prices
Class Type Early Late Early Late
Elementary $46 $57.50 $57.50 $69
HS 1 Day $57.50 $69 $69 $80.50
HS 2 Day $109.25 $120.75 $120.75 $132.25
Study Hall $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50

* High School Diploma Program all options $155.00 per semester