The Lord's Provision for a New Home

The Provision

The Lord graciously provided CHESS with a new home - allowing us to continue to serve homeschooling families in the upcoming 2015/2016 school year.  We are so thankful for this provision and look forward to seeing all your smiling faces and hearing your joyful voices once again in the halls of Reformation Baptist Church on Wednesdays and at First United Methodist Church on Mondays.  Please see Class Schedule and Location.

Behind the Scenes

We would now, however, like to take you behind the scenes and share with you a bit of the story of searching for a new CHESS home.  Mrs. Kautz (Science teacher) and Mrs. Smart (Writing teacher) put on their "real estate hats" and led this search.  They made, MANY inquiries and heard basically the same answer:  “No.”  Mrs. Smart was reminded of someone else two thousand years ago who was repeatedly told that there was no room available for his family.  

Mrs. Kautz became the “Queen of Cold Calls"!  Watch out science students, she may try to turn cold-calling into some sort of wacky science experiment or give it to Mrs. Cassidy for mathematical computations.  Yet, through it all, she learned a lot.  Here were Mrs. Kautz’s Top Ten Things she learned in the search for a new CHESS home:

10.  Most Greeley churches don’t have enough room for us.  

9.    Most Greeley churches don’t know about CHESS.  

8.    After you’ve recited your speech a couple of times, it rolls off the tongue quite easily.  

7.    I’ve called churches in Greeley that I previously didn’t know existed.  

6.    I now look at churches with an eye as to how much classroom space they might contain.  

5.    Greeley has a LOT of churches!!  

4.    CHESS parents were wonderful about suggesting possible locations.  

3.    Church secretaries and pastors are very nice people to talk to.  

2.    Trying to “sell” CHESS to a possible location has made me realize all over again what an       awesome organization it is!  

1.    CHESS will continue in a new home!

And we praise God, once again, that He DID provide us with a new home!