In order to help us in helping you to educate your children, please make sure that all of your required paperwork is submitted on time.  This will allow us to put more focus on creating and maintaining a quality learning environment for our students.

Independent School Application and Enrollment process: After applications have been accepted, you will receive an email with two forms that are necessary for you to fill out and return to us in order for us to finish your enrollment process:

1.      Enrollment Form - thoroughly complete, return to office

2.      Vaccination Form (or your own records), and return to office

In this same email you will also receive two forms that are your responsibility to handle:

3.      Withdrawal Form - for you to turn into your previous school (if your child was enrolled in a school just prior to your application with Colorado Heritage)

4.      Calendar - keep track of your educating hours

Some families still have not sent in the Enrollment Form that we need to finish the enrollment process.  Please get these into us!

Independent School Re-enrollment: In an effort to ensure smooth Independent School re-enrollment, beginning January 1, 2016, all families re-enrolling in the Independent School must have their payment in by July 31st.  All re-enrollments received after that date will be subject to a $20 late fee. Please also wait for your re-enrollment forms which are generated from our database and mailed to you (first week in June).  The application form on the website under Independent School is only for first-time enrollment.

Diploma Program: Diploma program students who desire an extension for homework submission will be given a one-month extension for a charge of $25 per student. In addition, diploma program students who submit their paperwork after the deadline will be charged $20 for the expediting of transcripts.

Scholarship Applications: Thank you to all of the families who have so graciously given monetarily to help those who wish to participate in the Enrichment Program but who are financially unable to do so.  For families seeking a scholarship, all scholarship applications must be submitted by the early enrollment date of the semester in which they are applying.  For example, spring semester’s early enrollment deadline is December 1.  All registrations and paperwork must be up-to-date in order to qualify for the scholarship.

Contacting Your Student During School Hours: In order to be respectful to our teachers, please be sure to contact the CHESS office at 970-346-0099 when you need to reach your student during school hours.  Students are not allowed to have their phones on during class time (see Policies & Procedures).

Policies and Procedures: Below is a reminder of some important information from our Policies and Procedures that help Colorado Heritage and our families experience a successful semester. Please also take the time to review our Policies and Procedures in total for other pertinent information.

Add/Drop Forms: Whenever you need to add or drop a class, either print the form out from our website, fill it out, and bring it into the office, or you can come by the office, fill it out, and leave it with us.  These forms are important for accurate class rosters and record keeping.


Withdrawing from a Class & Refund Policy

CHESS’s Enrichment Academy reaches maximum capacity every semester and typically has a waiting list for several of the classes. In order to allow as many families and students to participate as possible in the classes, we have instituted the following policy regarding withdrawing from classes:

1.      Dropping a class prior to the start of classes: Any classes that are dropped within one week of the start of classes will receive a full refund for tuition, the refund will not include lab fees or textbook fees unless there is someone on a waiting list who can use the materials.

2.      Withdrawing after the first class: (Must notify in writing by the Friday after the first day of class to qualify for a refund.) A student may withdraw from a class after the first week of class and receive a 50% refund of the course tuition fee, but the refund will not include lab fees or textbook fees unless there is someone on a waiting list who can use the materials.

3.      Withdrawing from a class after 2 to 4 sessions: A student may withdraw from a class after attending 2 to 4 sessions, but will not receive a refund. The course will be removed from the transcript/report card. (At this point it is too late for us to put someone from the waiting list into the class).

4.      Withdrawing from a class after 5+ sessions: A student who withdraws from a class after attending 5 or more sessions will not receive a refund and will have the course show as a withdraw or a fail on the report card/transcript.


Attendance Policy

The following is a review of our attendance policy:

1.      Excused absences: If you know prior to a class day that your student will be absent, please contact the teachers and CHESS office to notify them of the absence no later than 8 AM the day of class. You may also receive an excused absence in the event weather conditions prevent you from coming. You and your student are responsible for making contact with the teacher and making arrangements to deliver assignments and obtain homework assignments. Teacher contact information is available on the syllabus for the course as well as the CHESS website:

2.      Absence due to an emergency: If your student misses a class due to illness or a family emergency, please contact the CHESS office at your earliest convenience. You will then be responsible for contacting teachers for homework information. Teacher contact information is provided with the registration information and is also available on the CHESS website:

3.      Unexcused absences: Absences that were not communicated prior to a class day or due to an emergency will be noted as an unexcused absence and will count against the student. Please make sure you notify the CHESS office and teachers of absences in a timely fashion.

4.      Tardiness: Junior high and high school students who are tardy 6 or more times will not receive credit for the course.

5.      Junior high and high school students who miss more than 3 classes will only receive a PASS/FAIL grade for the course.

6.      Students who miss 4 or more classes will not receive credit for the course. Because there are only 12 weeks in a semester, each week has vital information. It sets teachers and the rest of the class back when students miss several weeks.