Advantages of enrolling in Colorado Heritage's Enrichment Academy (EA) classes and/or in Colorado Heritage's Independent School:

  • Foundational Christian worldview
  • Access to a knowledgeable full time staff to encourage and support 
  • Assistance with curriculum selection and standardized testing requirements
  • Assistance with understanding the academic and learning style needs of your students
  • Specific to Colorado Heritage's Independent School:   A legal alternative of schooling at home without the requirement of registering through the public school districts
  • Access to discounts on educational materials and programs
  • Transferable school records

Independent School

Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS) is a private school within the state of Colorado.  

Colorado Heritage offers "umbrella school" services to homeschooling families through enrollment in its Independent School.  These services enable homeschooling families to take advantage of the freedom to educate at home - determining their own schedule and curriculum - while fulfilling Colorado school enrollment requirements.  Enrollment with Colorado Heritage's Independent School is done on a yearly basis. 

Enrollment in Colorado Heritage's Independent School also gives families the Colorado Heritage Member designation, enabling you to take advantage of reduced course fees in our Enrichment Academy.

Whether you enroll in the Enrichment Academy with Colorado Heritage or enroll with Colorado Heritage as your Independent School, you will have the benefit of receiving services from a dedicated, experienced professional staff who know and support the family-focused, discipleship-centered, home instruction model. 

Our Philosophy

At Colorado Heritage we believe that God has given parents the responsibility to lead the academic and spiritual education of their children. With this in mind, we have designed our Independent School, Enrichment Program, and other services to give maximum academic flexibility with the support, and accountability you chose and that also ensures state education law complacency for those who are enrolled in our Independent School.

Our Goal

Our goal at Colorado Heritage is to help meet your educational needs and contribute to your success. We accomplish this with a team of individuals who have extensive practical experience in home education including graduates of home education.

How to Enroll in Colorado Heritage's Independent School

1. Fill out the application form, as soon as you submit this form it will be sent to the Colorado Heritage office.  NOTE: The enrollment fee is due with the application, please mail this to us or call us to pay over the phone.  Enrollment applications are accepted year-round, but fees are not pro-rated.  Renewals occur every July; Colorado Heritage's Independent School academic year is August 1 - July 31.

2. If your Independent School application is accepted, you will receive an enrollment packet. The packet contains the following: 

  • A form to record the names, birth dates, previous tests completed, and curriculum information. 
  • A "projected” calendar of the days and hours that you will be educating; a minimum of 172 days with an average of four hours per day is required by Colorado state law.
  • An actual calendar showing the actual days and hours that you have educated, satisfying the minimum amount of 172 days with an average of four hours per day. This is submitted to Colorado Heritage at the end of the school year. 
  • A form letter for your previous school  to inform them that you have enrolled your children in a private school and requesting they transfer your children's school records to Colorado Heritage.
  • You will also need to submit copies of your children's immunization records or a letter stating exemption based on medical, religious, or personal reasons.

3. After you have completed and sent in the above information, and it adheres to all Colorado Heritage and Colorado state requirements and the membership fee is paid in full, you will be enrolled in Colorado Heritage's Independent School.