High School Diploma Program

The Need
The high school years play an important role in a student's future. Many parents are seeking a way to optimize their child's academic success in high school while continuing to build upon the spiritual foundation laid during the elementary years. While home-educating in the elementary years was comparatively simple, the high school years are increasingly complex. 

Our Purpose
Colorado Heritage has designed a comprehensive program to deliver an excellent foundation to your high school student, plus meet your needs as a concerned parent.  We have many years of experience in successfully educating students during their high school years. We have earned a solid reputation in the education community for academics. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on developing future leaders within families, businesses, communities and governments.

We are thankful for all you are doing to help us teach our kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. 
— David, Cheyenne WY

Our Philosophy
Colorado Heritage's Diploma Program provides a structured guide of basic requirements and achievable goals while allowing parents to individualize the scope and sequence of their student’s education. The goal of the Diploma Program is to support the parents, challenge the students, and substantiate the skills that the student has acquired. Colorado Heritage's Diploma Program provides students with a verification of their work in a private school transcript.

The Diploma Program offers two different tracks, a General Program and an Honors Program. Each program provides a framework to assist students in successfully completing high school graduation requirements while considering their gifts, interests, and future goals. 

  • The General Diploma Program meets minimum admissions requirements for most post-secondary institutions and provides greater flexibility in elective coursework. 
  • The Honors Diploma Program sets forth a rigorous schedule of Colorado Heritage requirements on top of core academic coursework.

Both tracks allow students to complete courses utilizing Colorado Heritage's Enrichment Academy or off-campus instruction.  Contact the Colorado Heritage administrator to discuss which program is right for your student.

Your Success
Since 1992, Colorado Heritage has been helping students succeed during their highschool years.  Of more than 300 graduates, 75 percent continued their education at a college or university. Colorado Heritage's diploma and transcript has been accepted everywhere it has been presented.

However, our greatest joy has been to see students grow in godly character and their depth of relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our Diploma Program has given parents confidence to continue educating their children at home through the high school years. Here are a few testimonials regarding their experience:


I don’t know where to begin to thank you for all you’ve done. I am pretty sure we would not have been able to home school all the way through high school without CHESS’s diploma program. Your direction, encouragement, and influence on our son caused him to reach higher and accomplish more academically and spiritually than he would have ever been able to do without you.
— Michelle, Bailey CO
Your guidance and prayers have been a tremendous blessing!
— Gordon & Robin, Brighton CO
We appreciate your willingness to work with us and offer the flexibility you have.
— Sandy, Greeley CO
Thanks for all your valuable help and support!
— Katie, Greeley CO