We seek to support families as they pursue the knowledge of God through academic excellence.

We endeavor to teach and train students to see God in science, mathematics, language, history, and arts. We are committed to training our students to see their world through the lenses of God’s Word and to live out that truth in every area of life.

Our Foundation

We believe that God is honored in academic excellence and in life through instruction that is based on a Biblical discipleship model and a Biblical worldview. A personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is necessary to honor God is this way.

We believe the Bible calls parents to be held accountable to and appointed by God for the determination and overseeing of their children’s education. Our purpose is to come alongside homeschool families with a balanced and cooperatively agreed upon level of assistance. A family’s success in their education program is our success.

Our Purpose

Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS) is a private school designed to meet the needs of home schooling families throughout Colorado, across the United States, and internationally. Since 1991 Colorado Heritage has sought to come alongside and assist, equip, and encourage parents and their children as they seek to follow God’s call in education.

Colorado Heritage offers many services to home schooling families.  One of our most popular services is our Independent School.  With Colorado Heritage as your Independent School you will receive "umbrella school" services (record keeping, communication with your school district) that aid you in fulfilling required Colorado school attendance and enrollment laws. The professional staff at Colorado Heritage has extensive, practical experience in home education and supports the family-focused home education model. 

Enrollment in our Independent School also gives you the designation of being a Colorado Heritage Member making you eligible for reduced class fees in our Enrichment Academy.

Colorado Heritage also offers classes through its Enrichment Academy.   The Enrichment Academy can be utilized by families who either choose to use Colorado Heritage as their Independent School or by those who choose to homeschool independently.


features and services of chess:

Our history

Colorado Heritage Education School System was founded as a ministry of Victory Baptist Church by Pastor Stephen and Mrs. Teri Ong. The Ongs, pioneers of home education, began home educating their children in 1986. They were influential in helping to broaden home education freedoms in Colorado before home education was recognized as a viable means of education in Colorado. 

In 1991, Pastor Steve and Teri were approached by a Christian school in Greeley, Colorado, that had been providing assistance to home educating families. The school wanted to focus only on private education but didn’t want to abandon all the families that relied on their services. Victory Baptist Church was already offering art and choir classes as enrichment classes once a week to local homeschool families, so Pastor and Mrs. Ong agreed to expand their ministry to assist home educating families with record keeping and general supervision (see Colorado Heritage's Independent School), and Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS) was initiated. 

Today the current weekly Colorado Heritage's Enrichment Academy has grown to more than forty different classes offered each semester with attendance of nearly two hundred students per semester. 

Colorado Heritage established a High School Diploma Program to assist home educated students to get the recognition earned to further their undergraduate education. The high school program started with only a few students but now consistently has an average of fifty students enrolled annually. Colorado Heritage has graduated over three hundred high school seniors with an average of 75% of graduates going on to college.

In 2003, Pastor and Mrs. Ong stepped aside as the leaders of Colorado Heritage to focus on the church ministry of Reformation Baptist Church (formerly Victory Baptist Church) and Chambers College, a Christian liberal arts college they founded in 1998. Under the capable direction of James and MaryBeth Clifford, the ministry and vision of Colorado Heritage continued. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford, themselves home-educated, were dedicated to bringing their experiences and skills to the next generation of children trained up at home by their parents with academic excellence as well as in the ways of the Lord.

In 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford handed the baton to a board of Christian men and women.

Our administrative staff includes a Principal, Office Manager, and Diploma Program Registrar.  As Colorado Heritage has grown over the past years, many parent volunteers have come alongside to help where they are gifted. These volunteers are too numerous to list here, but are invaluable to our organization and its success!

Our current Administrative Staff:

Principal: Currently Searching - Our Principal of 4 years, Matthew Aden, stepped down in Spring of 2019. Mr. & Mrs. Aden felt the Lord leading them onto another chapter in their life. His leaving has left a big hole to fill, but was done with the blessing of The Board of Directors, The Staff, and Enrichment Academy Faculty.
Office Manager: Deborah Martin - She was home-educated through high school and graduated from Bob Jones University in 2014 with her Bachelors Degree. She has a passion to see students achieve their personal best coupled with almost a decade of experience in caring for and educating students Pre-K through 12th grade.
Diploma Program Registrar: Bryn Santistevan - She is our resident homeschool superhero mom! Her eye for detail, experience with educating her own students, and passion for excellence makes her the perfect fit for helping keep our Diploma Program families succeeding each year.

As Colorado Heritage continues to grow, seeking to bless and strengthen families and the community, we look to the mercy and grace of our LORD and King.

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