We seek to support families as they pursue the knowledge of God through academic excellence.

We endeavor to teach and train students to see God in science, mathematics, language, history, and arts. We are committed to training our students to see their world through the lenses of God’s Word and to live out that truth in every area of life.

Pursuing the Knowledge of God

Our Foundation

We believe that God is honored in academic excellence and in life through instruction that is based on a Biblical discipleship model and a Biblical worldview. A personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is necessary to honor God is this way.

We believe the Bible calls parents to be held accountable to and appointed by God for the determination and overseeing of their children’s education. Our purpose is to come alongside homeschool families with a balanced and cooperatively agreed upon level of assistance. A family’s success in their education program is our success.

Our Purpose

Colorado Heritage Education School System (CHESS) is a private school designed to meet the needs of homeschooling families throughout Colorado, across the United States, and internationally. Since 1991 Colorado Heritage has sought to come alongside and assist, equip, and encourage parents and their children as they seek to follow God’s call in education (See Our Handbook’s Preface: Biblical Mandate).

We partner with parents through our Independent School, Diploma Program, and Enrichment Academy. Our purpose and driving force behind each of these programs is to assist parents in giving their children a “Christ-Centered Education.”

features and services of chess:

Our history

Colorado Heritage Education School System was originally founded as a ministry of Victory Baptist Church (now called: Reformation Baptist Church) by Pastor Stephen and Mrs. Teri Ong in 1991. The Ongs, pioneers of home education, began home educating their children in 1986. Stephen and Teri Ong were influential in helping to broaden home education freedoms in Colorado before home education was recognized as a viable means of education in Colorado. Colorado Heritage in its early years offered art and choir classes once a week to homeschooling families as well as record keeping and general supervision through its Independent School.

Today, Colorado Heritage operates as a 501C private Christian school serving families not only through our Independent School but also through our quality Enrichment Academy and High School Diploma Program. Over the years, we have had the joy of seeing our Enrichment Academy students learn and grow in the knowledge of the Lord through our Bible classes and as they pursue proficiency in our Science, English, Math, History, Art, and many of our other classes. Our High School Diploma Program has graduated over three hundred high school seniors with an average of 75% of graduates going on to college, with many others pursuing the trades.

Colorado Heritage is blessed with dedicated Christian faculty, staff, volunteers, and board members. The families that join us in our halls find great fellowship one with another, encouraging each other in the worthy calling of Christian-based homeschooling.

Our Administrative Staff:

Principal - Mrs. Mary Brown. Colorado Heritage has begun new leadership under Mrs. Mary Brown. Christian education has fallen upon hard times in our country, and very few people have the firmness to navigate the treacherous waters with courage and endurance. Mrs. Brown does. Since she has undertaken the office of principal at the beginning of May, 2019, she has repeatedly proven her ability to hold firmly to biblical truth, while keeping the academic care and spiritual well-being of our students as her utmost priorities. She has taught at Colorado Heritage for many years, homeschooled her own children for the past several years (graduating her eldest from Colorado Heritage, with two students to follow in 2020 and 2021 and one more in 2024), and has a passion to serve the needs of the homeschool community through God’s wisdom, grace, and power.
Office Manager - Deborah Martin. Deborah was home-educated through high school and graduated from Bob Jones University in 2014 with her Bachelors Degree. She has a passion to see students achieve their personal best coupled with almost a decade of experience in caring for and educating students Pre-K through 12th grade.
Diploma Program Registrar - Bryn Santistevan. Bryn is our resident homeschool superhero mom! Her eye for detail, experience with educating her own students, and passion for excellence makes her the perfect fit for helping keep our Diploma Program families succeeding each year.

As Colorado Heritage continues to grow, seeking to bless and strengthen families and the community, we look to the mercy and grace of our LORD and King.

Board Members:

Nels Nelson, Chairman
Don Kautz, Vice Chair
Clyde Brown, Treasurer
Christian Smart, Secretary
Josh Franklin, Board Member
Michael Brockmann, Board Member

Advisory Board Members: Mary Brown, Linda Kautz, Annie Nelson