Fees and Ordering Information
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General Information
Colorado Heritage provides standardized testing for Colorado homeschool families using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) form A for grades 3 through 8 and the Iowa Test of Educational Development (ITED) form A for grades 9 through 12. Group testing is offered annually in two locations: Greeley and Fort Collins. Private test sessions are available year round by appointment.

Test Format Information
The Core Battery fulfills Colorado Heritage's testing requirements as well as the Colorado state homeschool law requirements. The core battery includes tests in reading comprehension, language skills (spelling, vocabulary, capitalization, punctuation, usage and expression), and mathematics.

The Complete Battery is not required and is an additional set of sub-tests to the Core Battery. This additional battery tests students in science, social studies, and study skills. Students must take the Core Battery in addition to this portion of the test.

Scoring – All tests administered during the spring test session will be sent to Riverside Publishing for scoring. Colorado Heritage orders the achievement and ability assessments to provide parents with the most detailed breakdown of each sub-test. Scores are mailed out in June. Private test sessions are hand-scored.

Personal Evaluations – Colorado Heritage makes personal evaluations available at a reduced price during the Greeley and Fort Collins test sessions for those who would like to utilize that option instead of the standardized test. A personal evaluation consists of a certified evaluator looking at work samples in reading, writing, and mathematics from the beginning and ending of the academic year to assess progress. A few un-timed work-tasks are given in those three areas at the evaluation. Personal evaluations are available year round by appointment.

Test Schedule – Group testing is offered each year in April. The testing schedule details are made available in January. Private test sessions and personal evaluations are available year round. To schedule a private test session or personal evaluation contact the Colorado Heritage office to make an appointment.