Monday Classes Begin Aug. 28, 2017

Wednesday Classes Begin Aug. 30, 2017

Class Schedule, Fall 2017 Semester:

Class Schedule

Enrichment Academy

Course Fees

Our Location:

Colorado Heritage Education School System is located at:

Reformation Baptist, 1300 9th Street, Greeley, Colorado

Wednesday enrichment academy Classes:

- All Wednesday EA classes will meet at Reformation Baptist. 

Monday enrichment academy Classes:

- All Monday EA classes (including two-hour classes) will meet at First United Methodist Church.*

Two-Day enrichment academy Classes:

- Students who have two-day EA classes (Monday and Wednesday) will meet as following:

  • Monday classes:

First United Methodist Church,         917 10th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado

  • Wednesday classes:   

Reformation Baptist,                        1300 9th Street, Greeley, Colorado

*We are very grateful to First United Methodist Church for accommodating our Monday class needs.